Above Lending and Beyond Finance: A Comprehensive Review

Navigating the world of debt relief and personal loans can be challenging. Two companies that have made significant strides in this field are Above Lending and Beyond Finance. Both offer unique services aimed at helping individuals manage and overcome debt. This blog post delves into their services, customer experiences, and the overall effectiveness of their programs.

Above Lending: Overview

Above Lending specializes in personal loans aimed at consolidating and managing debt. Established in 2019 and headquartered in Houston, TX, and Northbrook, IL, the company has built a reputation for helping clients streamline their debt payments through personalized loan options.

Key Services:

  • Debt Consolidation Loans: Above Lending offers loans that consolidate multiple debts into a single, more manageable monthly payment.
  • Personal Loans: These are designed to cover various personal financial needs, including medical bills, home repairs, or unexpected expenses.

Customer Experience: Above Lending is generally well-regarded for its customer service and loan management support. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates it highly, with a 4.75 out of 5-star rating from customer reviews. However, some customers have reported issues related to payment schedules and balance tracking, which can be critical for those managing tight finances​ (Better Business Bureau)​ .

Beyond Finance: Overview

Beyond Finance is a debt resolution company that helps clients negotiate and settle their debts for less than the owed amount. They provide structured programs that assist clients in becoming debt-free over a set period.

Key Services:

  • Debt Settlement: Beyond Finance negotiates with creditors on behalf of clients to reduce the total debt amount.
  • Graduation Loan: This innovative product, offered through a partnership with Above Lending, helps clients who have completed the debt settlement process by providing a loan to pay off remaining debts and improve credit scores​ (Better Business Bureau)​ .

Customer Experience: Clients of Beyond Finance often praise the company’s supportive approach and the effectiveness of their debt reduction strategies. However, the process can significantly impact credit scores initially, which is a trade-off for the potential long-term financial relief. Customer reviews indicate satisfaction with the program’s outcomes, although patience and adherence to the plan are necessary for success​ (Better Business Bureau)​ .

Comparing Above Lending and Beyond Finance

Both companies aim to alleviate financial stress but approach it from different angles:

  • Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement: Above Lending consolidates existing debts into a single loan, simplifying repayment. Beyond Finance negotiates with creditors to reduce the total debt amount, potentially lowering overall repayment but affecting credit scores in the short term.
  • Customer Support: Both companies are noted for their supportive customer service teams. Above Lending focuses on providing clear and manageable loan terms, while Beyond Finance offers extensive counseling and support throughout the debt settlement process.
  • Impact on Credit: Debt consolidation through Above Lending can have a more neutral or positive impact on credit scores if managed well. In contrast, Beyond Finance’s debt settlement can initially lower credit scores, though many clients see improvement after completing the program and managing debts better long-term​ (Better Business Bureau)​ .

Financial Products and Services

Above Lending focuses on providing debt consolidation loans, which allow borrowers to combine multiple debts into a single loan with a potentially lower interest rate. This can simplify payments and reduce the overall interest paid over time. Their loan products are tailored to individual financial situations, offering flexibility and support throughout the loan period.

Beyond Finance, on the other hand, offers debt resolution services. Their primary service is debt settlement, where they negotiate with creditors to reduce the total amount owed. This can be a viable option for those struggling with large amounts of debt and unable to manage minimum payments. Beyond Finance also offers the Graduation Loan in partnership with Above Lending, helping clients transition from debt settlement to better financial health by consolidating any remaining debts into a single manageable loan.

Application and Approval Process

Above Lending:

  • Application: The application process for Above Lending is straightforward and can be completed online. Applicants provide personal information, details about their debts, and income verification.
  • Approval: Approval is based on credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and other financial factors. Once approved, funds are typically disbursed quickly, allowing borrowers to pay off their existing debts promptly.

Beyond Finance:

  • Application: Clients start with a free consultation to assess their financial situation. This involves reviewing debts, income, and financial goals.
  • Enrollment: After agreeing to a debt resolution plan, clients make monthly deposits into a dedicated account. Beyond Finance then negotiates with creditors using these funds to settle debts for less than the owed amounts.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Above Lending:

  • Benefits: Simplified debt management, potentially lower interest rates, improved credit score with timely payments.
  • Drawbacks: Requires good credit for the best rates, monthly payments can still be high for those with significant debt.

Beyond Finance:

  • Benefits: Can significantly reduce the total debt amount, structured support throughout the debt settlement process.
  • Drawbacks: Initial negative impact on credit score, potential for creditors to continue collection efforts during negotiations.

Customer Feedback and Industry Reputation

Above Lending has received positive feedback for its customer service and ease of use. The BBB rates it highly, reflecting general satisfaction with the loan products and support provided. However, some clients have noted issues with payment tracking and communication during the loan term.

Beyond Finance is praised for its comprehensive debt relief approach and supportive customer service. Clients appreciate the educational resources and personalized support, although the negative impact on credit scores and the need for strict adherence to the program can be challenging.

Regulatory and Ethical Considerations

Both companies operate within the financial regulations governing debt management and personal loans. Above Lending is transparent about loan terms and conditions, adhering to fair lending practices. Beyond Finance follows ethical guidelines in debt negotiation and settlement, ensuring clients are fully informed about the potential impacts on their credit and financial situation.


Above Lending and Beyond Finance offer valuable services for individuals seeking debt relief, but they cater to different needs. For those with manageable debt seeking to simplify payments and potentially reduce interest, Above Lending is a suitable choice. For individuals overwhelmed by debt and seeking significant reductions, Beyond Finance offers a robust solution, albeit with an initial impact on credit scores.

Choosing the right service depends on individual financial circumstances, goals, and the ability to commit to the program’s requirements. Both companies provide essential tools for achieving financial stability, but it’s crucial to understand the nuances of each approach and how it aligns with personal financial health goals.

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